Prominant NPC's Edit

Akuma, ronin duelist:Edit

There are few ronin in the Empire who have gained much acknowledgment by the Clans, but this scar-faced man is one of them -- he competed in the Emerald Tournament, and his skills were enough to make it to the final day of the great tournament before he was eliminated. Those who have met Akuma report that despite his terrifying facial scar and sardonic sense of humor, he is actually a modest man, and somewhat regrets stepping into the public eye.

Kagekaze, ronin assassin:Edit

Many rumors attach to this man, reputed to be both a supremely skilled swordsman and a ruthless assassin willing to take on any commission... for the right price. The few who have met him and survived say he actually claims to be a man of honor, though his code is not one which any right-minded samurai would recognize.

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Kuma the Masked Ronin Edit

For over a year Daidoji Tokiru travelled the Empire in the guise of Kuma the Masked Ronin while on Musha Shugyo. Known for the steel bear mask he wore and the dai-tsuchi with a head in the shape of a bear's paw. Kuma was known as a man who was a tenacious warrior as well as an accomplished player of the flute. Kuma has returned to the Crane clan and is now called Daidoji Tokiru once more.