Daimyos and Elemental Council (as of February 2008) Edit

Shiba Ninto, Shiba family daimyo, Clan Champion:Edit

Thirty-eight years old. A quiet, restrained middle-aged man who has held this station for eighteen years, since the previous Champion died of old age. Ninto has done nothing noteworthy or memorable during his reign, and is apparently content to serve as a voice for the Elemental Council.

Asako Heishi, Master of Air and Jade Champion:Edit

Thirty years old. A multi-element prodigy who has trained with the Kuni family as well as with the Isawa. Heishi is the most prominent spokesman for the current Phoenix policy of pursuing the Bloodspeaker Cult, indeed so prominent that he is often the subject of hurtful gossip by those who regard him as an unreasoning fanatic.

Isawa Moroto, Master of Earth:Edit

Twenty-three years old. A taciturn young man who is almost never seen outside of Kyuden Isawa. It is said that Moroto was an undistinguished shugenja until a youthful encounter with the Oracle of Earth, after which his gifts bloomed remarkably. Little else is known about him, although it is believed he strongly supports Asako Heishi's anti-Bloodspeaker policies.

Agasha Hiroshi, Master of Fire:Edit

A fire shugenja known for his destructive gifts but, contradictorily, also for his diplomatic and peaceful approach to political problems. Hiroshi has been bearing the brunt of the Tamori family's political assault on the Phoenix Clan. He is married to a woman from the Crab Clan, and is known to share the fierce Crab enmity for the Shadowlands. He is also missing his left arm at the elbow, due to an incident from his youth which he refuses to discuss.

Isawa Hitomi, Master of Water:Edit

A woman in her forties, graying but otherwise unbowed by her advancing age, bourne up by the strength of Water. Hitomi's clear gaze is said to be able to spot a circling falcon five miles away. Isawa Hitomi is a favored guest at Winter Courts across the Empire, for she laughs easily and frowns seldom, and approaches life with a playful air of delighted wonder.

Isawa Akima, Master of Void:Edit

Described by those who have met her as a slim, shapely woman in her twenties. Akima wears a black silk mask which covers her entire face (including her eyes), but seems to suffer no difficulties from her self-imposed blindness. It is said that she has worn the mask since childhood, and many stories have circulated about what her face might look like, but none have ever been proven true. By all accounts she is a graceful woman with a powerful and melodious voice, and more than one courtier has written her love-poems based solely on her lovely voice. Akima remains unmarried, however, focusing all her energies on the further pursuit of her mastery of the Void.