Komori Hironobou-A dangerous man in the Mantis, Hironobou epitomizes the soul of a warrior. Born to a wealthy Mantis couple, his family met tragedy when a ronin criminal murdered his parents in cold blood. Years later, Hironobou passed his gempukku and began the life of a samurai. Throughout the next couple of years, Hironobou (or Hiro, as some call him) has shown great skill for investigation and stealth combat. He has drawn the attention of the Hidden Harriers, a remnant of the disbanded Daidoji Harriers. When confronted, Hiro's past came back to haunt him. His mother, a Crane bride, had been secretly a Hidden Harrier and married his father to infiltrate the Mantis. His birth had been a planned event and fortunately, her inherent skills had passed down to him. Given the opportunity to join their secret order, Hiro left his old dojo to train with the Harriers and learn their ways. Using their teachings, he hopes to one day find the man responsible for his parents' death and exact revenge. He also wishes to serve the Mantis, and dreams of one day starting his own dojo, utilizing the training and teachings of the Hidden Harriers to create his own style of stealth combat and tactics.