Daimyos (as of February 2008) Edit

Yoritomo Rinsei, Yoritomo family daimyo, Clan Champion:Edit

A short and unmemorable man who, on his visits to the Imperial court, is sometimes mistaken for a ronin or bodyguard. Probably the single wealthiest man in the Empire, and rumored to be fluent in both Ruumal (the tongue of the Ivory Coast) and Thrane.

Moshi Ritsuko, daimyo of the Moshi:Edit

Said to be a stern but still attractive woman in her early forties. Ritsuko spent much of her childhood in Crane lands and is a close personal friend to O-Doji Koneko, who she has been heard to refer to affectionately as "Obaa-sama" ("Auntie"). Recently, her eldest daughter Hinako died tragically in Crane lands, and she is said to still be deep in mourning for this loss.

Prominant NPC's Edit

Yoritomo Ogawa, senior sensei at Dojo Raiden:Edit

At sixty-two years of age, this one-eyed veteran has the singular distinction of being the oldest non-retired bushi in the Empire. He seldom comes to the mainland, but is known to still sail on the Mantis fleet and to personally advise the Clan Champion.