Kitsuki NanamiEdit

A rather odd Mirumoto trained Kitsuki in her early teens. At times a fairly introspective and even keeled girl with the occasional bout of firey temper and at other times a ball of enthusiastic energy;she loves Shogi, military strategy, and wrestling. Trained in the classic Mirumoto daisho technique she sometimes forgoes this in favor of unarmed combat or the no dachi.

It is very difficult initially to tell if Nanami is a boy or a girl. She has a very androgenous appearance with unusually short black hair, and very dark eyes. She is young, small, and has a child like enthusiasm that is difficult to curb. Nanami however, will not be outdone by the big boys and always tries to show how grown up she is, often taking on tasks that are much more ambitious than she can realistically handle.


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