Kasuga YumeiEdit

Yumei is quite beautiful, with entrancing eyes and long hair usually adorned with fresh flowers, a beautiful comb, or elegant pins. She has an engaging personality. She is also modestly wealthy. Yumei is very friendly, with an almost bubbly demeanor at court. Her manner of speaking is somewhat odd, as her words are accented with a faint and unusual accent. Her court clothes are extremely elegant and for the most part Rokugani, however the collar is touched with eyelet lace; she also wears a long pair of white lace gloves.

Yumei has a high level of fluency in the Thrane language, and is relatively knowledgeable in Thrane culture. She also knows how to play the Thrane dice game Friars.

While friendly, Yumei tends to keep the details of her past to herself. Though some rumors already exist relating to her manner of speaking and dress, and her lack of interest in finding a suitable husband. There are various rumors floating around about her preference for gaijin men, particularly the mysterious Thrane Daniel Hatcherman. During her visit to Winter Court at Shiro no Shoshuro this year she was persistently badgered by a lecherous Mirumoto bushi Mirumoto Hideyo, who a year early she had tried to pawn off on another girl. This led to a rather hilarious situation of him giving her some very interesting if not embarassing nicknames: Yummy-chan and The Yummy Tortoise. She finally spelled it out for him that there was no chance that she would ever be interested in him, which then led to some very nasty name calling on his part, which she simply ignored as the rantings of a jealous and spoiled child.

Not just a pretty face Yumei is an adept courtier. She was instrumental in securing the Dragon clan's endorsement of a Tiger vanguard force at the Shrine of Peace, and was able to do so without offering her support to the Dragon clan. Yumei is still a relatively young courtier and with youth comes mistakes, even then things seem to come out fairly well even when she completely fumbles a task.

Yumei is rarely seen without a yojimbo of some sort. In Tortoise lands it is most often her cousin Kasuga Yasu,a tiger trained bushi who has watched over her since before her gempukku. She is occasionally seen with "The Demon Tiger", Yotsu Subotai acting as her informal yojimbo.

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