Active Dragon PCs Edit

The following are active Dragon Clan player characters in the current Heroes of Rokugan campaign.

Mirumoto Kagetorou: Edit

Bushi.....does stuff.....Dragon Fanboy

Togashi Kagetsume: Edit

Rank 3 Ise Zumi, Status: 1(0), Glory: 4.6

an Ise Zumi out roaming the Empire in search of enlightenment. Strangely, enlightenment seems to involve punching things very hard.

Kitsuki Nanami: Edit

Rank: 1

A rather odd Mirumoto trained Kitsuki in her mid teens. In general a fairly introspective and even keeled woman with the occasional bout of firey temper. She loves Shogi, military strategy, and wrestling. Trained in the classic Mirumoto daisho technique she sometimes forgoes this in favor of unarmed combat or the naginata.

Mirumoto Hiro: Edit

Rank 1 Bushi

This enigmatic heavy-set samurai of three decades has a rugged handsomeness, and his clothed body shows glimpses of the conditioning and tattoos common for his clan. Speaking with kindness and patience, he seems to be a tempered spirit, as serene and calm as the still surface of a lake. He has a twin, Jushiro, with whom he competes constantly.

Tamori Sozen: Edit

Rank 2 Shugenja

Oftentimes perceived as emotionally withdrawn, Tamori Sozen's dedication is to protecting the lives of those around him. Needless sacrifice is pointless, as death should be saved for something truly honorable and meaningful. While he's not studying to increase his skill as a shugenja, contemplating the depths of being, or admiring the beauty of the world in which he lives, Sozen would likely be found playing a casual game of Shogi with anyone who's willing.

Dragon NPCs Edit

The following are Dragon Clan non-player characters in the current Heroes of Rokugan campaign, who are not considered leaders.

Hitomi Fuguki Edit

A kikage-zumi prone to strange outbursts.

Dead or retired Dragon PCs Edit

The following are deceased Dragon Clan player characters in the current Heroes of Rokugan campaign, or PC's from the previous campaign.

Mirumoto Haji Edit

Highest Rank Dragon in the previous campaign. Fought in Day of Thunder, but not a Thunder. Eventual demise TBD (prolly tucked away in a future self love module;P Horribly honorable...paladin-esque. known for: 1) sucking down taint to get raises to drop Doji (?), tainted/corrupted Crane Champion, in one shot.....then having entire party get beat up by the dead man using Force of Will (darn you, parvez!); 2) Mano a mano with Shadowlands uber-Moto to rescue Miya courtier (mostly full defense, except when he cut the leg off of his oni horse (thank you parvez!); 3) breaking his daimyo's brother out of imperial prison with so much righteous anger that his honor test was over 70 (still got bad rep: lawbreaker....kinda nice to have as he was an emerald magistrate); 4) when flinging jade powder on tainted mirumoto daimyo embraced taint not to succeed, but to make sure Fu Leng got the message [more later]

Mirumoto Notomo Edit

Fell protecting the Toturi dynasty (available as an ancestor).