Togashi Imasu- Clan Champion, leader of the Three Orders: Imasu is a direct descendent of Togashi Hoshi, and has reigned for 32 years. He has spent almost his entire reign closeted in the High House of Light, offering no guidance or leadership to his Clan. He is rumored to be eccentric and highly spiritual.

Mirumoto Jinzaki- Mirumoto family daimyo: Said to be a brilliant swordsman, approaching his fortieth birthday, Jinzaki is supposedly a master of Niten and a bitter personal rival to Kakita Saburashi, who defeated him in a public challenge thirteen years ago. Since that day, Jinzaki has spent most of his time in the Mirumoto dojos, practicing his art and teaching the younger generation of bushi, and allowing the militant junior daimyos of his family to guides its policies. He is childless, despite having been married for almost twenty years.

Tonbo Agemasu- Tonbo family daimyo: A fiercely militant man in his late thirties. Agemasu lost his father and uncle in the War of Bleeding Flowers, and has been the prime mover behind the effort to build up the Dragon Clan's military strength for a war of vengeance.

Kitsuki Asororu- Kitsuki family daimyo: A younger man who has not yet married, Asororu is know to oppose the Dragon Clan's current close relations with the Scorpion.

Kitsuki Jiro- the Emerald Champion: A handsome and stylish man in his late twenties, known both for his extraordinary skills (with both weapons and words) and for matching his skills with his pride, arrogance, and self-regard. Jiro's unexpected victory in the Emerald Tournament is a matter of some controversy within the Empire, and many believe his opponents were actually more deserving of the position.