Daimyos: (As of February 2008) Edit

Doji Akane, Regent and Acting Daimyo of the Doji Family/Clan Champion: Edit

Wife to the late Doji Sarutomo and mother of his son, she is the acting Clan Champion of the Crane clan until her son comes of age. Akane is a young woman who was born Kitsuki Akane and is trained in a Dragon school.

Daidoji Kowaru, Daimyo of the Daidoji family:Edit

Recently elevated to office after his elder brother, the grim "Iron Serpent" Daidoji Hayashi, died in Friendly Traveler Village. Kowaru, by all accounts a handsome young man in his early twenties, has trained for the last five years with the Kakita Artisan Academy. It remains to be seen whether he will be up to the task of leading the Crane Clan's toughest and most warlike family.

Kakita Saburashi, Daimyo of the Kakita, senior sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy:Edit

Forty-two years old but unwilling to retire, Saburashi is said to be obsessed with the need to perfect his swordsmanship. He is famous (and notorious) for refusing his victory in the Emerald Tournament on the grounds that his skills were not worthy of the position. Totally dedicated to the study of swordsmanship, Saburashi is revered by his students but looked down on elsewhere in the Empire for his eccentric single-minded attitude and his lack of interest in leading his family. The Kakita daimyo is a grim, stern-looking man, with white-dyed hair always tied in a severe samurai topknot.

Yasuki Fou-Lu, Daimyo of the (Crane) Yasuki:Edit

A handsome but short-statured man in his early twenties, Fou-Lu took office two years ago after his father retired. His unusual name comes from his mother, Yasuki(formerly Ide) Ching-ma. (The marriage between Yasuki and Ide was an attempt to forge stronger diplomatic and economic ties between Unicorn and Crane.)

Important Personages: Edit

Kakita Tai, Sensei of the Kakita Artisan Academy:Edit

Tai was supposedly personally chosen by O-Doji Koneko to head the Artisan school after the previous sensei died. He has now just turned forty, and is known throughout the courts of Rokugan for his skill with ikebana and rhetoric, and the joy he finds in art and life alike.

Dead or Retired Leaders of the Clan Edit

Doji Sarutomo, Doji family daimyo, Clan Champion (Deceased):Edit

The Crane were led by this handsome 33-year-old bachelor. Sarutomo has married twice before, but both brides died in childbirth, and he remains without an heir. Despite this, he is now engaged for a third time, to Kitsuki Akane, a young maiden of the Dragon Clan. Committed Seppuku recently for unstated reasons.

O-Doji Koneko, "the Matron" (Retired): Edit

Most of those in the know considered the true ruler of the Crane to be Sarutomo's mother, O-Doji Koneko, the revered widow of the previous Champion. Despite age and growing infirmity, the lady Koneko is still second to none in her mastery of the intricacies of court and diplomacy. Recently retired upon the death of her son.