Crab Clan PCsEdit

The following are Crab Clan PCs in Heroes of Rokugan, 3rd Edition.

Hida FamilyEdit

  • Hida Tango, the legendary "Howling Wolf of the Wall," named for the fearsome wolf mempo gifted to him after winning the weapons tournament at Hida Yushiro's wedding. He wields a large dai tsuchi named "The Tao," and never refuses a challenge. After leading an exursion into the Shadowlands and slaying the Oni Lord Kyoso, Tango was accepted into the Elite Guard of the Hida

Hida Tango is married to the Witch Hunter Mariko, and his brother, Hida Doguo, is a berzerker serving on the Kaiu Wall.

While he has allies among the Hare Clan, he is eager to serve his Champion on the battlefield. When told of Hida Gojiro's recent declaration of war against the Hare, he led the assembled Crab in a cheer "For the Wall!"

Hiruma FamilyEdit

Kuni FamilyEdit

Toritaka FamilyEdit

  • Toritaka Jo is an aspiring young archer. Thus far, he has done nothing of note.

Kaiu FamilyEdit

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