Asahina ShihoEdit


Asahina Family Mon

Until recently this relatively reclusive Asahina had sequestered herself in one of the shrines near her family home to study divination and spirituality. Very different from her younger sister San, Shiho appears to be a rather brutal woman. She generally treats most people as an annoyance, and for the most part seems constantly distracted or in deep thought. She is shrewish and rather cross most of the time, though occasionally one may see signs of a tender heart. Impatient to a fault, full of anger and a thirst for revenge she is far from what most would expect from a young Asahina woman. Shiho is coldly beautiful with long black hair that hits mid-calf, and chilling blue eyes. She shows little interest in others;in truth she would much rather spend her time dealing with omens,spirits,and the kami than with other people. Recent events, namely her sister's death, have set her on the path outside of her family lands.

Shiho has taken part in many investigations and is known for resorting to any tactics in order to expedite the process. She is unabashed at openly using bribery, threats of physical violence, lockpicking, and other unsavory methods. She has recently become more irritable and short tempered as her heart sinks deeper, and deeper into darkness. She has had little time to look into the death of her sister. Her recent haunting by Bayushi Nishari has made her mood even worse as the amount of distraction has increased. With her sanity hanging by a thread she is potentially quite dangerous, and if nothing else unpleasant to be around.